At Tohren, we specialise in hydraulic seals for manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders, for both industrial and mobile equipment applications. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients, and add value to their operations.


Our stock holding, deep knowledge of equipment applications and pragmatic technical advice make Tohren the perfect partner for your company. Our fast turnaround on new and custom items and large stockholding mean you can rest assured in a reliable and flexible supply chain.  


We understand the challenges of modern business, and we are committed to allowing our clients to maintain their service levels and quality assurances, while defending your profitability and efficiency. Our clients are spread globally as well as in the UK, and our logistics team has deep capability in ensuring fast, on-time and zero-hassle deliveries, wherever you are located.


Please contact us to discuss how you can establish a relationship with us, and experience the ease of doing business with Tohren.


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