Tohren Seals for JCB machines

Tohren seals are tougher seals. Our seals are built in OEM-approved factories, and provide world-class quality seals. We offer tougher seals that last longer in use, and to back this up, here's our promise: If a Tohren seal fails within 2 years, we'll replace the whole kit. Just send us a photo to confirm the rod isn't corroded, and we'll send you the replacement sealkit.

Our fast delivery and competitive pricing, coupled with the durability of our sealkits, guarantee you lower operating costs and less downtime. Tougher seals, built specifically for JCB rams on JCB machines.

Given that the labour cost is usually more than the seal kit cost, it clearly doesn't make sense to buy a low-cost, low-quality seal. Buying quality makes sense, even more so when we are already saving you huge amounts off the JCB price.

Feel free to look through our list of JCB seal kits, we will be very glad to answer any questions you have, and we hope to do business with you in the future!

Looking for a JCB Seal Kit? Tohren offer a huge range of aftermarket JCB seals. If you are looking for JCB seals, JCB sealkits or JCB hydraulic ram seal replacements, we can offer seals for JCB 3CX backhoes, JCB telehandler hydraulic seals and JCB excavator seal kits. Tohren offer high quality replacement seal kits for JCB hydraulic rams.

Tohren Seal Kits from offer high fidelity to original JCB seal kits, at a fraction of the JCB cost. Please let us know if you can't find the exact replacement JCB seals that you need, we will be glad to help you. If you are looking for JCB sealkits or JCB hydraulic ram seal rebuild kits, we have the seals you need.

If you are looking for replacement seals or hydraulic cylinder repair kits, Tohren can support your business. Are you looking for JCB seal kits? Buy Tohren for JCB, for fast delivery, 2-year warranty and a huge range.