Hitachi Seal Kits

We're specialists in aftermarket seal kits

Hitachi Seal Kits

Hitachi machines are built to world-class standards. Our seal kits are the same. If you're looking for seal kits for Hitachi machines, want them fast but don't want to pay main dealer Hitachi prices - you're in the right place.

We supply a wide range of aftermarket Hitachi seal kits, for Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders. If you're looking for a Hitachi seal kit, we will be glad to help you find the correct sealkit for your machine.

We offer friendly, helpful service, we keep the Hitachi seals in stock so you don't have to wait, and our prices for Hitachi seal kits are competitive.

Not sure what Hitachi part number you need? Please send us a live chat message, and we'll sort you out with the correct Hitachi seal kit. We look forward to your contact!