Caterpillar Seal Kits

We're specialists in aftermarket seal kits

Caterpillar seal kits for Caterpillar machines. We supply aftermarket CAT seals, designed to repair the leaking rams on your Caterpillar excavator, loading shovel or bulldozer. You can find Caterpillar seals for a quick and cost-effective repair to your machine, here on the Tohren Seals website.

Tohren offer a huge range of aftermarket replacements for Caterpillar seal kits: we supply seal kits for Caterpillar backhoes, complete cylinder seal kits for CAT motor graders, seals for Caterpillar bulldozers, ram rebuild kits for hydraulic cylinders on Caterpillar excavators, wheel loaders and dumpers. Our Tohren for CAT hydraulic cylinder repair seal kits are precision engineered to fit CAT cylinders exactly, to ensure long service life and superb working performance. And our design and build quality are excellent, ensuring you will experience as good performance as the original Caterpillar part.

Hydraulic seals on construction machinery typically work in the most aggressive and abrasive environments; we notice that seals exposed to the most contaminants and abrasives, such as excavator bucket seals and backhoe loader stabilizer seals tend to suffer more wear over time. This wear can be divided into seal wear, which will be a direct cause of oil leaks, and cylinder damage, such as rod chips or corrosion, which will damage the seals and then cause hydraulic fluid leakage. In addition, a less visible cause of seal failure is bent cylinder rods, which cause uneven wear on seals. Caterpillar equipment, like all other mobile equipment, uses hydraulics extensively for power transmission due to the flexibility of the system and the ease of power transfer. Caterpillar also uses different designs of seals, such as Duo Cone Seals, Face Seals Dual Face Seals in other hydraulic components such as final drives.

If you have a Caterpillar machine with a leaking cylinder, just contact us and we'll help you with the correct CAT Seal Kit for the machine. If you have the Caterpillar Serial Number or the CAT Part Number, this will help us get the correct part quicker.

Our Seal Kits are manufactured in facilities that are approved by various OEM manufacturers, and produced to the highest standards. Looking for JCB Seal kits? View our seals for JCB. Search for Volvo Seal Kits. Find Doosan Seal Kits.

Are you looking for Caterpillar seals or CAT seal kits? Tohren offers a good range of hydraulic cylinder repair seal kits for Caterpillar machines. Hydraulic Seal Kits for CAT equipment are available for sale online from Tohren, and we offer a fast and reliable international airfreight service on all our seal kits. Our range of hydraulic seals is an excellent alternative to Caterpillar seal kits, Caterpillar hydraulic ram repair kits and Caterpillar O-Rings. Learn more about us here.

Caterpillar sealkits by Tohren are designed to give you longer operating life, lower costs and better reliability on your fleet.