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Volvo Seals and Seal Kits

Looking for seal kits for a Volvo machine? Tohren have a wide range of seal kits for Volvo excavators, loading shovels, dumpers and backhoe loaders. 

Volvo seal kits are necessary for fixing leaking rams and keeping your equipment in work-ready condition. Tohren are committed to helping you maintain your equipment with the highest possible quality, for aftermarket prices.

Volvo was established in 1927, as a subsidiary of SKF, a major bearings manufacturer. Volvo have expanded their construction equipment portfolio through acquisition over the years, including BM, Zettelmayer, Champion, Samsung and ABG. Using hydraulic power is a major part of construction machines, and a critical component in all hydraulic systems is the seal kits, which allow mechanical movement while restricting fluid egress. Hydraulic seals are prone to wear due to the harsh environments they work in, and require periodic renewal. When a hydraulic seal is leaking it's easy to spot, as dust will stick to the oil and create a dark mark round the leak. Most hydraulic cylinder leaks can be repaired simply by replacing the seals, returning your cylinder to full operating condition.

We hold extensive stock of aftermarket Volvo seal kits, in stock and ready to dispatch. If you need Volvo seals, we'll help you out! Order before 2PM and we'll dispatch the seals the same day.

Our seal kits for Volvo are guaranteed for 2 years - if a single seal fails, we'll send you a complete new kit. Our sealkits are precision engineered to fit snugly onto genuine Volvo cylinders, and provide excellent performance in the harshest conditions.

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Our range of hydraulic seal kits for repairing and rebuilding Volvo hydraulic cylinders covers all Volvo machines, and means that you can save money and time by performing your hydraulic cylinder repairs in-house. 

Volvo EC210BLC Seal Kits

Volvo EC240BLC Seal Kits