Seal Kit for Caterpillar 154-0744

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Seal kit for Caterpillar 154-0744 Seal Kit

If you need a replacement seal kit for a Caterpillar 1540744, we've got just what you need. It's high quality, designed to give outstanding performance in the harshest conditions. Just like the original CAT 154 0744, our Tohren replacement sealkit guarantees you long service life and reliable performance.

This seal kit is a complete package of all the rings, seals, wipers and bearers you will need to repair your ram. Click here for a complete step-by-step guide on how to replace the seals in your cylinder. It's easier than you think, and saves money, time and transport.

Once the seal kit is fitted, you will have the confidence of our 2-year warranty: if the seal fails within 2 years and the rod is not corroded, we'll replace the seal kit free of charge. No other seal manufacturer offers this level of assurance in their product.

Once you've ordered your 154 0744 kit, our fast and responsive service means you don't have to wait long for your seals. We aim to despatch same day if ordered before 2pm, and we always use urgent courier or airfreight services. It's on the shelf, and will be on its way to you today.

Caterpillar used the 1540744 seal kit on several hydraulic cylinders. To check it's a good fit for your ram, enter your cylinder number in the search box above. If you can't find your cylinder number, message us on the live chat and we'll make sure everything's right.

The Tohren for Caterpillar 154-0744 warranty is offered by Tohren on all Tohren seals. This sealkit is designed to be a direct replacement for the Caterpillar Seal Kit 154-0744

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